favourite comic moments

from Transmetropolitan: just a favourite punchline in the spirit of the comics

from Ten Grand: the Death wearing a reflective vest and casually explaining his reason not to go to hell or heaven.. coooool with multiple oooo-s

from Ten Grand: familiar feeling on a dramatic background

from Choker: lady you don’t want to meet when she has a bad mood

from Singularity 7: Yes, they are. Unfortunately you will never know who is here.

from Singularity 7: I just like the drawing.. :)

from Transmetropolitan: Logic in action. Made me laugh and I like laughing.. a lot..

from Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: What it means to have a bad day. Just next time your coffee machine is broken in the morning, remember, it can be worse.. much worse.. like “blue energy tentacles from another dimension” worse.

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