The last polar bear on ICQ

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against new stuff. I just don’t like skype. It is not so lightweight as ICQ and it is not so easy to ignore people or chat casual. Skype is for me more like the new coffee machine – shiny, new and the coffee does not taste as real coffee.

Today, as I was setting up my ICQ account on a new device, I felt like one of the last polar bears on a place where there are few polar bears left. Maybe it is time to get over my paranoia that Microsoft is watching me. Maybe it is time to accept that time has changed. Time to go fish with the brown bears.


End of a journey..


A dream-like game inspired by Escher, Monument Valley instantly made it into top 3 of my favourite games. Might be because of the impossible geometry, or because of the zen feeling you get when solving the puzzles and wandering between your ideas. Breaking the rules of the nature feels good. Experimenting with your own believes about the world feels good. Finding yourself in a blank state with minimal expectations about the physics and the mechanics of the universe feels enlightening.

If you want to remember how you felt as a child, discovering the rules of the nature for the first time, then go on.. Take a walk in the monument valley.


After the pretty successful game kick start project, Cryptozoic are finally ready to begin with beta testing of their long awaited child – HEX: Shards of Fate.

Now, I won’t write a novel how awesome is the game, because first of all, it is obvious and second, you have to move your rusty fingers and register for the European beta tests ASAP.
Let me repeat that: GO TO and register, so I can kick the shit out of your incapable Elves. Uhmmm 🙂 sorry, I meant.. so we can play happily when the time comes..