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Peace with the nature

Recently I started to repair my broken connection with the nature.

There are many reasons and triggers for my (at the beginning) unconscious decision.
– daily stress,
– fear of missing the last chance to see some part of the nature,
– rejection to spare the little free time I have watching the ever growing offer of stupid sensational series and
– starting to watch a documentaries instead,
– biking 10km through the forest on my way to work
– an old friend that reminded me, about the passion I had back then and I somehow lost the fire

Amazing how all of my life I was enchanted by machines, not realising the perfect machines are not man-made, but nature-made.. I am getting old, yes, but so is everyone from the moment of their birth. I am definitely getting wise and how do you recognise you are getting wise? You imagine your problem as a journey and before starting the journey, you begin to strengthen yourself, make a peace with yourself and find content. No journey is hard enough for the prepared.

My journey haven’t even started yet. First I have to find my way back to the nature. And my hope is, we’ll meet on the way. And my hope is, when the time comes to search for a solution, we’ll be on the same side. For now, we are just in the same boat. And for now (without ringing a panic bell), our boat is sinking..