Buddha Bowl Basic Recipe for easy, healthy and yummy Munch in Home Office

I know, home office is like the perfect excuse to eat deep frozen pizza everyday. Combined with the exhaustingly long way from the home work space to the fridge, yeah.. That’s how we roll.

But let me propose to you a little investment in your future self ( the one that is soon to get out and meet some people). We don’t want to scare anyone. We don’t want to be crushed under the weight of our own weist, right?

The recipe is very easy. You just take what you have in the fridge and is still edible and pile it in a bowl. There you go. No need to thank me.

I also prepared a nice pictures for this quite easy recipe (in two languages). Hang them in the kitchen and feel like the wizard or witch of Buddha Bowls. ( The pictures are very colourful, promised! )