favourite comic moments

from Transmetropolitan: just a favourite punchline in the spirit of the comics

from Ten Grand: the Death wearing a reflective vest and casually explaining his reason not to go to hell or heaven.. coooool with multiple oooo-s

from Ten Grand: familiar feeling on a dramatic background

from Choker: lady you don’t want to meet when she has a bad mood

from Singularity 7: Yes, they are. Unfortunately you will never know who is here.

from Singularity 7: I just like the drawing.. 🙂

from Transmetropolitan: Logic in action. Made me laugh and I like laughing.. a lot..

from Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: What it means to have a bad day. Just next time your coffee machine is broken in the morning, remember, it can be worse.. much worse.. like “blue energy tentacles from another dimension” worse.

home made riddles

Riddles time!

Not long ago I was reading “The books of magic” comics from Neil Gaiman, when I stumbled upon the following riddle:

When there is a fire in me, then I am still cold; When I own your true love’s face then you will not see me; To all things I give no more than I am given; In time I may have all things, and yet I can keep nothing.

books of magic

Spoiler Alert: the answer to this quite well designed riddle is.. mirror. But more importantly, this small piece of surrealistic brain teaser reminded me how much I love small fairy taley riddles. On the one hand, they have answer wich is not 100% accurate, because they can fit a lot of answers. On the other hand, it does not matter if you guess right, because they just test your creativity and willingness to think abstract, to be wrong and learn, to poke your creativity.

So I decided to make a few of my own riddles. I won’t share the answers, though. If you are nice and ready to play, then ask me. We can arrange a riddling game in which the losers are the one who don’t play.

Riddle 1:
I am larger when cold and shrink when warm. You can see me, but you cannot touch me.

Riddle 2:
When people need me, they throw me away. when I’m not needed they take me back.

Riddle 3:
The more you give me, the richer you get. When you rob me, only you get poorer.

Have a nice riddling! 🙂